Top 10 Places in Sicily To Visit


Sicily is a fascinating destination that offers a great variety of experiences and attractions. Whether you’re looking to explore the ancient ruins of Gela or take a trip to the lovely beaches of Syracuse, there are plenty of places to choose from. In this post, we’ll take you on a tour of some of the top Places in Sicily to visit. We’ll also highlight some of the best things to do in Sicily, and provide tips on how to make the most of your trip. So whether you’re planning your first trip to Sicily or you’ve been there before, read on for some helpful advice!

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean. It’s located off the tower of Italy’s boot, and it’s home to three active volcanoes and some of the most impressive archeological sites. From the stunning aeolian islands to the seaside views of Scopello, Sicily has so many incredible places to visit.

Places in Sicily

1. Cefalù:

Now Cefalù is located about an hour’s drive from Palermo. Cefalu was first mentioned back in 396 BC, and it’s one of Sicily’s most well-known towns. One of the popular things about Cefalù is the sunset. The light hits the town perfectly, giving it this orange glow. Now another spot in the town was the marina. You could walk around the backside and there are plenty of spots to relax and just watch the sunset.

2. Scopello:

Now located about an hour’s drive from Palermo. The main reason to go here was to visit the faraglioni di Scopello. There are these very unique sea stacks that remind me of a mini version of the farglooni and Capri. Now the spot is one of the oldest tuna fishing places back in the 15th century, and it recently gained popularity after being featured in the movie ocean twelve. There’s a great beach at the bottom you can enter. And there’s some excellent snorkeling in the crystal clear waters around the rocks. Hard to beat these sea views.

3. San Vito Lo Capo:

Now it is located about 50 minute’s drive from Scopello. San Vito lo capo is this beautiful seaside town with one of the most famous beaches in all of Sicily. One of my favorite features of the area is the mountain called monte Monaco which overlooks the town.

3. Taormina:

It’s located on the eastern side of Sicily. Jeromena is this incredible hilltop town full of Italian charm and history. The town was founded around ancient Greek times and has been a popular European getaway since the 19th century. It has this really beautiful white and checkered pattern, and you can also see mount Aetna from there. Now the main attraction in Taormina is the Ancient theatre of Taormina. It was built around the third century BC. And was rebuilt by the Romans. Today it holds events and also hosted the G Seven Summit back in 2017.

4. Isola Bella:

Now also called The Pearl of the Ionian Sea. The Isola Bella is a beautiful island located right below Taormina. You can get there by taking a gondola from the town if you don’t want to make the hike. Now, once you get down to the bay, you’ll find a nice beach, perfect for some Mediterranean sunbathing.

5. Mount Etna:

With a height of 3357 meters, mount Etna is the highest active volcano in all of Europe. It’s also one of the most active volcanoes in the river. From there you can take up a gondola and then you can ride up on these special cars even higher. We got there right around 430, and that’s when the lift closed. Instead, we decided to hike around from the craters right by the parking lot. It’s just hard how massive this volcano is. There’s a volcanic rock that continues down the mountain. You get these insane views from up there. It’s just such an incredible spot.

6. Catania.

Catania is the second largest city on the island. The views of the mountain that you can get from Catania, and just shows how massive the volcano really is.

7. Syracuse:

This may be one of the most historic cities in all of Sicily. Syracuse was founded by ancient Greek corinthians over 2700 years ago and was described by Cicero as the greatest Greek city and the most beautiful of them all. It was part of the Roman Republic and also was the capital of the Byzantine Empire for a few years. The Apostle Paul also spent some time here. You can see many ancient ruins, such as the Greek theater. An interesting feature of Syracuse is the Castello Maniace. It was completed in the year 1240 in such a unique shape as it extends into the sea.

8. Valley of the Temples:

It is located in the town of Agrigento. This is one of the world’s most stunning examples of Greek architecture. Now, there were seven temples built here by the Greeks in the fifth century BC. They were sadly burnt down by the Carthaginians, but rebuilt by the Romans four centuries later. One of the most well preserved is the temple of Concordia. It features classic Greek pillars. It just makes you wonder what they must have looked like when it was first built.

9. The Stare of the Turks:

it’s located just 20 minutes from the valley of the Temples. Now the stair of the Turks or Turkish jets is these white limestone cliffs with an impressive beach. According to ancient legends, Turkish pirates would climb up these steps to loot the nearby villages.

10. Punta Bianca:

It has the same rock formations as the Turkish steps and also has buildings.

11. Places in Sicily – Palermo:

It’s located on the northwest coast of the island it’s the largest city in the country and was founded all the way back in 734 BC by the Phoenicians. If you find a Sicily we recommend coming to this airport. it is an impressive city with some incredible churches and amazing places nearby.

12. Lampedusa:

Now located right in between Malta and Tunisia this Italian island is full of Mediterranean views and crystal clear waters. It’s the southernmost place in all of Italy. Now to get there you can take a ferry from Sicily or also take a plane. Now the island’s rabbit beach is one of the worlds best and definitely is the island was visiting.

13. Aeolian Islands:

Now the Aeolian Islands are an archipelago made up of seven inhabited islands located off of Sizzley’s northern coast. Now the islands were created by volcanic activity and as a result, they are home to some of the most bizarre landscapes. Now to get to the Yoland Islands there are several ways to go about it. You can take a ferry from the town of Milazzo or you can experience them by a cell boat.

14. Dreams Horizon Yachting:

We were on one of their CAD verandas and it was just an unbelievable experience. We sailed around for a week and went to some of the most phenomenal places the islands have to offer. The most epic island in the archipelago is probably Stromboli. It’s nicknamed the Lighthouse of the Mediterranean and at night you can see lava out the top. We took a boat to the northern side of the island and got some of the best views of the volcano. There’s this massive slope covered in volcanic rocks and ash. Just such a phenomenal place.

15. Panarea:

It’s the smallest of the Aeolian Islands but has so much charm. All the whitewashed houses. It reminded me of a Greek island. There were also these huge sea cliffs, just couldn’t believe how huge they were. And then there were also these little islands off of Panarea that had these volcanic sea bubbles. The yoland islands so freaking much and couldn’t recommend them enough.


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