iMessage Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features


iMessage has been around for years, but in this article, we are going to blow your brains with some iMessage tips, tricks, and hidden features that you probably didn’t even know existed. From secret effects to games, handwriting, and security threats.

1. iMessage Tips Effects:

When you first open up iMessage and want to send a message, everything looks pretty standard. You type in your message and do your thing. But what you maybe didn’t know is if you click and hold the Send button, you will see a bunch of different message effects appear. So you can choose from bubble effects or entire screen effects. There are so many different ones to choose from, so you just swipe toward the left to see all the different ones that are available.

iMessage Tips

And obviously depending on the occasion, you can choose the best effect that matches your message. Then just click the Send button and when your friend opens up the message they will be amazed. You can use the exact same effects on pictures too. And I actually think it kind of looks better on pics. It’s quite impressive because every single message you send can be such a vibe.

2. Hand Writing:

Now, this cool feature is hidden in the keyboard and you’ll only actually find it when you turn your phone into landscape mode. This is actually a handwriting mode and there are some other preset things to choose from. Or you can clear that and write out whatever it is you want to write out in your own handwriting. So if you ever wanted to quickly sketch and send something, just remember to turn your phone into the landscape. Another way you can really spice up your messages is by using some super unique fonts.

Hand Writing

It is so simple. All you have to do is open your internet browser and type in the word ‘Lingo Jam’. It’s usually the first option that shows up and this is basically a fancy text generator. So in this box, you can type out whatever you want to say, and then when you scroll down you will see what it is you said in all these different fonts. When you find the one you like, just go ahead and copy that, go back into Imessage, and paste it. Now you have a really cool-looking font in iMessage that most people have probably never seen.

3. Apps:

When you open up iMessage, there are a bunch of icons at the top and one of them is the App Store. At first, I thought this was just an easy way to share some of your favorite apps and stuff like that with your friends or whoever. But these are actually apps made specifically for iMessage.

So here are some useful apps for iMessage, but there is also a ton of games that you can download and actually play with friends over iMessage. For example, you downloaded one called Tic TAC Toe. Open it up and make sure your friend has also downloaded the same game. Then you can jam this game as much as you want over iMessage. it’s actually kind of addictive and this is only one example. There are so many other games and things to choose from, so if you ever thought iMessage was lacking features, it actually has a buffet of crazy cool apps.

4. Respond with Memojis:

Respond with Memojis

You have all heard of Memojis, but what you maybe didn’t know is if you click and hold on to your Memoji, you can drag it onto a message as your response. You can drag as many as you want on and also make them really big. But what if you used the heart eyes emoji when you totally meant to use the laughing crying eyes Memoji? Well, it’s actually really simple. You just click and hold down, then tap sticker details. And if you swipe towards the left, you’ll see the trash icon which will delete your sticker and you can add a new one.

5. Digital Touch:

This is a way of expressing yourself and sending a unique message. It’s called Digital Touch, and once you open it up, you can draw whatever you want, change the colors, then send it to your friend and they will receive the message as an animation. So that drawing option is fairly obvious. But what’s totally not obvious at all are these really cool animations. So if you take one finger and tap on the screen, you’ll see really cool little circles appear.

Digital Touch

If you take two fingers and tap, you’ll see little kissing animation. But if you click and hold on the screen, you will see heartbeat one, if you drag it down the heart will break. And finally, if you take three fingers, you can make this little fireball. So there are definitely quite a couple of options using all those different gestures. And again, just a great way to spice up your messages.

6. A Pictures Location:

This one is a little crazy because it kind of compromises your security. So listen up. When you’re an iMessage and decide you want to send a picture that you took on your phone to a friend or anyone else, whoever it may be, once you send that message, they’ll obviously receive it and everything seems fine, right? No issue.

A Pictures Location

But what the other person can actually do is save that picture you just sent them to their Photo Gallery, and then once that picture is saved, if they go into the Photos app and click on it, you’ll see a little info icon and once they tap on that, if they swipe up, they can see the exact location of where this picture was taken. So thanks Apple for making that feature so extremely obvious. But luckily you can easily turn this off. You just need to head into

A Pictures Location
  • Settings
  • Privacy
  • Location Services
  • Camera
  • Allow Location Access
  • Hit Never.

So now when you send a picture, the exact location will not appear.

7. Pinning Conversations:

This is nice, especially for the people who you chat with the most. If you click and hold down on the contact, then swipe up, you can pin them to the top of the page. You can also swipe to the right and click that pin icon. You can pin up to nine conversations at the top there. If you want to unpin anyone, you just tap Hold down and then click the unpin options.

Pinning Conversations

Another thing you can do along the lines of pinning is if someone sends you an important link, if you click and hold down on it, you can pin that link so that in the future if you ever want to go back and check out that link, you can just click on the contact profile and right over there will be everything you’ve pinned from them.

8. Adding Bold Subject:

Adding Bold Subject

If you ever want your text to stand out a bit more or grab some attention, then you need to turn this on. When you usually type out a message in the message section, it looks pretty plain and standard. So what you can do instead is head on over to message settings and scroll down then toggle on the show subject field. When you go back, you’ll see the message box looks slightly different because now it has the subject line, and whatever you type in there will be bold text. You can have a bold heading on every message now instead of plain old boring text.

9. Filter Messages Into Lists:

 Filter Messages Into Lists

Everyone gets spam messages and here is a great little trick to filter all of that spam. Spam messages are really annoying if you head on over to Settings under iMessage within there, if you scroll down, you’ll see the options toggle on Filter Unknown Senders. Now when you go back to iMessage, you’ll see in the top left-hand corner it says Filters with Known and Unknown Senders. Now you basically never need to look at spam messages again and can have all the messages that matter.

10. Quick iMessage Tips:

  • These days, our cameras take some pretty high-quality picks that eat up all your data. So in the iMessage settings, you can toggle on low-quality image mode so that the images sent out are of lower quality.
  • This feature is nice because it’s super useful when you’re busy on your computer, maybe cooking or whatever it may be. If someone sends you a super duper long message that’s basically a book. You don’t always have time to sit there and read this entire message.
  • So instead of getting frustrated all you do is click and hold down on the message and you will see speak option. Once you tap on that Siri will instantly start speaking out the entire message for you so you can just carry on with what you are doing.


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