How to Start Morning Routine Perfectly For You


Do you have a morning routine? If you’re like most people, your morning probably starts with a cup of coffee and a read of the news. But what about the rest of your day? What do you do to make sure that everything runs smoothly? In this article, we’ll take a look at some common morning routines and how they can help you stay organized and on top of your to-do list. Nowadays people have very different morning routines and you might wonder which is the one that’s going to work best for me. So let’s go through typical morning routines.

Morning Routine

1. Morning Routine with Smile.

This might sound cheesy, but you really do wake up and remind yourself every morning that you are lucky to have a full day ahead, to reach closer to your dreams, and to be happy and that everything is good today. After that, recall dreams and answer the calls of nature. The reason to recall dreams is that they tell what the subconscious mind was mulling over while you slept. What was the number one unsolved matter from yesterday that kept lingering inside your mind? Now it’s time to hydrate.

Sit and slowly sip two glasses of water and go back and make my bed. This has a strange effect on you. It prepares for an uncertain day and tells that everything is organized and in control. It’s also a reminder of how the little things matter in life. Next, spend about 10 to 15 minutes meditating, deep breathing fully oxygenates your body and calms your brain. It also helps you develop the muscle of concentration. Just go and sit on the balcony with a bird sound 10 minutes is all you need. Now it’s time to stretch and exercise. It depends on how much time you have in the morning.

2. Become Super Productive:

I suggest doing some stretches and an hour of exercise. It’s either going to the gym, cycling, or brisk walking through a tree-lined avenue. But if you prefer to exercise later on in the day, then you could just do some quick stretches right now in the morning to get the blood flow through your body and to increase your metabolism. Time for a Cold Shower, Coldwater reduces inflammation and energizes the body. So a quick cold shower and you all charged up for the day.

3. Stay Energized:

Head to the kitchen and make ABC juice which means Apple, Beetroot, and Carrot. If you are more used to having tea, then make sure it’s non-caffeinated tea, maybe with ginger or lemon in warm water. Also, try to put a spoonful of coconut oil in the juice. Take a glass of juice and sit down to write a morning journal. By ten minutes is all it takes. Try to handwrite rather than type since it creates a rhythmic movement that kicks in the creative mind. Write 3 things primarily each morning.

-Top 3 Priorities for the Day: Note down 3 things to do that will create the most impact.

-Top 1 or 3 behaviors: Top behaviors that would like to adopt today. Who would I want to be today? After all, we’re all human beings and not human doings.

-3 things you are grateful for: This is like feeling lost. It decides how I will feel during the day. While writing this morning’s Journal, the process matters more than the product. These pages actually don’t solve any particular problem.

4. Stay Happy:

In fact, you might never get back to them later but what it does is that it cages your monkey mind on paper. So that you can get on with your day without these thoughts bouncing around inside your head. We should prefer most group chats are muted and you can get to them later on in the day. If you can win the morning, you can win the day. Tell me your morning routine in the comments below.


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