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Do you struggle with getting your handwriting looking the way you want it to? If so, you are not alone. Handwriting can be a hard skill to improve, but there are ways to make it easier. In this article, we’ll discuss some tips that will help you improve your handwriting skills. We will also give you some ideas for exercises that you can do to improve handwriting skills. So, whether you want to be able to write legibly or just look better in formal situations. In this article, we will have a look at 7 tips to practice each day so in 7days how to improve handwriting, read on to learn more!

1. Choosing the Tool:

All we needed was a separate notebook for handwriting and a perfect pen. Choosing a pen is a bit like a wizard selecting their wand or a chef choosing their knife. Do not underestimate the value of the right pen and the paper for good handwriting. Just keep certain things in mind, like the ink shouldn’t be too greasy or the writing shouldn’t be too thick and it should dry immediately after writing. You must prefer a 0.5-millimeter rollerball pen if using a pen and 2B pencils if using a pencil.

Now with the width of the pen, prefer a good grip. So maybe you can try out the slimmer pen and the thicker pen and it all depends on your grip. With the notebook, always look for paper with a matte finish or papers with certain rough elements on it, kind of instead of the shiny and glossy papers. This helps the writing to flow better.

2. Flowing Hands:

Actually, we are good at judging our handwriting. We know how the letters should look, but our hands refuse to move that way. So give hands a good warm-up since they are not used to writing. On the first two pages, start to draw circles of different sizes to check the flow of your hands. Eventually, you will start to improve because used the dot technique. Through the dot technique, we make a dot first and then made a circle around it, referencing it as the center point of the circle. Now the next two pages were dedicated to drawing waves. Chose a particular wavelength.

Improve Handwriting

Maybe you can choose, the gap between two lines and start to draw multiple waves. While drawing made sure that every wave looked equal. This helps you to check and improve the consistency of your hand movement. Now on the last two pages, make horizontal and vertical straight lines. Drew a line with a ruler or maybe the margin of the paper and the lines on the paper can be your reference point and you try to go parallel to it. Basically, this is to check and improve the stability of our hand movements.

3. The Pangram:

Do you know what a pangram is? It’s a sentence with all the letters of the language. At least once, like an English pangram, will have all the 26 letters in a sentence. Here is such a fun sentence

  • The quick Brown Fox jumps over a lazy dog

Write them on the top of two separate pages and repeated them on the entire page. This was to analyze handwriting and all the places where needed to improve.

4. The Spoilers:

The Spoilers

Every person has a certain alphabet which completely ruins their words and sentences. Let’s take a reference of spoilers from this font called Comic Sans Ms, available on Microsoft Word. Didn’t copy the entire font just take the reference to create new Spoiler letters. But if you didn’t like Comic Science font, the other two equally amazing fonts called Lobster and Pacifico. Initially, it will take some time to implement the new letters in the world, so try to write slowly to create the habits.

5. Spacing:

Start working on spaces and implemented four tips. We gonna share them with you one by one.

  • Separate each letter in the word:

Like the Comic Sans font or Sego print. This will make letters more visible and clearer. Now see how much space each letter was consuming. And train your hands for consistency, making waves, it could easily assign equal spaces to each letter in the words between the words.

  • Follow the Lady Finger Rule:

A space equal to a ladyfinger. You won’t need to measure after a few days of practice.

  • Spaces Between the Lines:

The best way to measure the space is to avoid the tangling of letters from the top line to the letters in the bottom line.

  • Overall Page Space:

No matter how beautiful you write, if it looks congested on the entire page, then it kind of looks messy. So try keeping equal spaces from all the four sides of the page. Like how you write drawing margins. Ideally, take about one and a half centimeters of space on all sides. Make margins, and that works best on notebooks.

6. Geometry:

Improve Handwriting

When the size of the small letters kept half the space between the lines, It was kind of it looked nicer than any other size. Maybe a little small, but not more than that. Stick to this size for the small letters and double the size for the capital. Making it a ratio of 2:1. Now the tilt of the words is where a lot of people mess it up. Prefer straight or 90 degrees with no tilt, but if you prefer some other tilts, make sure every word tilts in the same direction and angle. Rewrote the pangram and implemented the geometry principles. It looked completely transformed.

7. The Ultimate Test:

Challenge yourself with two ultimate tests. Test number one was to write an informal letter on a plain white sheet of paper without any lines. See how well you could align words and sentences. Test number two was to write a Japanese pangram. To test how well you could flex your fingers to draw words of your choice. Check if you can write Japanese pangram. The second test gave me confidence in my handwriting. Making circles initially gave me the required skill to confidently flow. Try with other languages as well.

“Learn continually there’s always one more thing to learn”

Steve Jobs

so never stop the hustle to improve your handwriting. It’s an art, so keep doodling whenever you see a new font pattern or even repeating these 7 tips if you feel the need. Practice makes perfect, the more you write, the better it will become. The benefits of improving handwriting are manifold. Not only does it improve overall communication skills, but it also boosts self-esteem and motivation levels. By following the simple guidelines provided in this blog, you can start seeing positive improvements in your handwriting skills in no time! Do you think that handwriting is an essential skill for students to learn? Let us know in the comments below!


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