How to Fix Start Menu Not Working on Windows 10


Are your Start Menu and Cortana search not working? In this article, you will know 6 methods to fix Start menu issues on Windows 10. You can try this method on any window. This is only for tutorial purposes to help Windows users.

Method 1: Restart Windows Explorer

To restart Windows Explorer

  • Open Task Manager
  • Right click on the taskbar
  • Choose Task Manager
Fix Start Menu

If you cannot, right-click on the Taskbar. You can press the Control + Alt + Delete button. Select Task Manager. From there now look for Windows Explorer. Select it. Click on the Restart button. This should fix the issue.

Method 2: Start your PC in Safe Mode:

  • Open Task Manager
  • Click on the file menu
  • Select the Run New Task.
  • Now type msconfig
  • Press Enter.

You will see the System Configuration window.

  • Go to the Boot tab, tick the Safe Boot box.
  • Click Apply and OK.

Now restart your PC in Safe Mode again. In the Safe mode, follow the above steps to Open System configuration. Untick the Safe Boot box, then restart your PC. Now check if the Start menu is working. If not, move to the next method.

Method 3: Run SFC Command

To run the SFC command,

  • Open Task Manager
  • Click on the File menu
  • Select the Run New Task.
  • Type powershell.
  • Tick this box to run it as administrator.
  • Type this command sfc /scannow then press Enter.
  • It will again take some time.
  • You have to be a little patient.
  • It will fix the issues with system files. Check if the Start menu is working.

Method 4: Reset all Apps

Note that if you reset all the apps, you will lose all the data in those apps. To reset all apps,

  • Open the PowerShell as administrator.
  • Type ‘Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}’
  • Now press Enter.

If you see some errors in red, just ignore them.

Method 5: Create a New User Account

If none of the above methods work, you can create a new user account and start working on that. Hopefully, that will resolve the issue.

  • Open powershell as administrator
  • Type ‘net user username password /add’
  • Press Enter.

Now restart the PC and log in with the new user.

Method 6: Reset your PC

The last step to fix the Start Menu not working is resetting the PC.

  • Open Task Manager
  • Click on the File menu
  • Select the Run New Task.
  • Type System Reset and press Enter.

Now select how you would like to reset your PC. If you want to keep files in Settings, then use this option. It will then display the apps that are going to be removed. You have to reinstall them after the reset. If you want to remove everything then choose this option. The final decision is upon you and can use any method suitable according to your need.

Follow the instructions to reset your PC and this is undoubtedly going to fix the start menu. If you have any questions and suggestions drop them below and share this useful video with your friends.


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