How To Become Rich – Avoid These 10 Habits To Get Rich


According to Forbes magazine, the 5 richest people in the world are Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Bernard Arnault & family, and Mukesh Ambani. Have you ever wondered why these people are the richest people in the world? Because these people have not become rich due to any such event or fate, there was something inside them and that is a secret that almost every rich man in the world knows. Today we are going to tell you about How To Become Rich and their 10 habits, which are the biggest hindrance to getting rich. As long as you do not overcome these habits, it is impossible to become your noble.

How To Become Rich

1. Do Not Own, but are Pursuing the Dream of Another

If you want to succeed, then you do what thrills you. Meaning, love your choice. Many are engaged in fulfilling their parents’ dreams or other dreams. Many of us also think that if society works, what will society think, what will friends think, etc. The author of the famous book ‘Change your habits, change your life’ says, ‘When you get involved in fulfilling the dreams of others, you do not love your work because it is not your work of choice. Therefore, your performance will also be reflected in the work done with a heavy heart. This will affect your career and you will continue to struggle financially.

2. Do Not Want to Come Out of a Life of Comfort:

If you want to become rich then get success wherever you are or move on from there. The rich often rest in uncertainty. But, normal people are afraid of uncertainty. Actually, achieving happiness at the physical, mental, and emotional levels is the primary goal of the middle-class mentality. But, thinkers around the world learned in the early days that becoming rich is not an easy thing and comfort can ruin anyone. So he mastered the art of finding comfort by keeping pace with the constant uncertainty. Similarly, the rich have also learned that the risk taken by guna-math paves the way to success.

3. Don’t Know What to do About Money:

If you want to get rich, having clear and specific goals before financial planning makes your path easy and fun. Want to buy a house? Want to live abroad? Want to travel every month? Want to live Anand’s life after retirement? Whatever your goals are, write them down. Rich people are committed to accumulating wealth. It requires meditation, courage, knowledge, and tireless effort. These are all possible, provided your goals are absolutely clear. Most people do not even know what they want, so they do not even get it. But, rich people have a clear idea of ​​what they want. That’s why they become rich.

4. Spend Highly without Caring of Savings:

Pay yourself first. This is the first thing you have to do if you want to get rich. David Beck, the author of The Automatic Millionaire, says, “Most people start giving money when they get money.” They pay the landlord, the credit card company, the mobile company. Do they say what is left over by giving to everyone? Therefore, first, save for yourself, then give to others. In such a situation, when you feel the tightness of money every month, then you will automatically start insisting on increasing income. Create an emergency fund for yourself, in which money is transferred automatically every month.

5. Being Rich is not a Matter of One’s Own Thinking:

Most people feel that it is not everyone’s cup of tea to be rich. Some are born with the luck of becoming rich. But the reality is that in a fast emerging economy like India, there are so many opportunities that every person can dream of becoming rich. Just keep in mind the interests of the wider humanity while fulfilling your dreams.

So you start questioning yourself from today itself, ‘If such and such and such can become rich, then why don’t I?’ Rich people keep their goals big. Not for crore, but for lakh. If you want, you can also aim to be a billionaire. Every goal is small in front of the spirit. Everything is possible in this world.

6. Does Hard Work but not Smart Work

In schools, we learned that hard work takes us forward in life. But, ‘this is half reality.’ This is what financial advisor Rick Edleman believes. He said, ‘If you are just working hard in life then you can never be rich because, by hard work you can make money, you cannot save.’ He says that if you want to save money for the future, then you have to do hard work as well as smart work. According to him, one of the ways is to invest in the stock market or retirement fund.

7. Full Emphasis on Savings, Not on Increasing Income:

Just focusing too much on savings may not be enough. Another way of smart work is to focus on saving as well as increasing income. To save money, saving is necessary. But if all your attention is focused on savings, then you will lose sight of earnings. A common habit of the rich people is that they create many policies of earning and also make a habit of saving very efficiently.

8. Buy More Valuable Things than Capacity:

If you spend more than you can afford, what will be the wealth? Even if your earnings increase a little, do not increase spending immediately. A rich person said that they did not buy the first expensive watch or car for themselves until their business and investment opened up many avenues of income.

9. Happy to Receive Salary on Time:

Most people prefer to get their salaries on time in their careers, whereas the future rich people are characterized by the fact that they prefer outcome-based payments and such people especially work for themselves. It is not that the timely salary should not be given due consideration, but it is the way to live a safe life at a slow pace. The rich of the future know that the fastest route to the rich is self-employment. On the other hand, a large number of people are putting up their business and amassing immense wealth, on the other hand, most people get a good amount of salary and increase in it from time to time.

10. Do not Invest Funds:

At the time you have more than enough money, this can be ensured through proper investment. The sooner you start investing, the faster you will move in the path of wealth. In the New York Times best-seller book ‘I will teach you to be rich, Ramit Sethi said, ‘Rich people invest an average of 20 percent of their household expenses every year. Someone’s wealth is not judged by how much they earn annually, but rather by how much they save annually. ‘There is no need to become an expert to start investing. Just start with a retirement fund, PF fund, etc. Going forward, you will get a lump sum amount.

So that is all about the 10 habits, which are the biggest hindrance in getting rich. As long as you do not overcome these habits, it is impossible for you to become rich. Do not forget to drop your feedback in the comment section below. Also if you have any questions regarding this, do drop them in the comments. I will be sure to chat and reply as much as possible. Please like and share this with your friends and family, because that motivates us.


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