Google Pixel 6A Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features


If you’re looking for tips on how to best use the Google Pixel 6A, then you have come to the right place! In this article, we’ll discuss the best ways to use this phone for everyday tasks, from checking email and browsing the web to taking photos and making calls. We’ll also provide Google Pixel 6A tips on how to use Google Pixel 6A without your hands, and how to best protect it from damage.

So whether you’re a new user or an experienced one, let us help you get the most out of your Google Pixel 6A! The Google Pixel 6A is just as powerful as its big brother, the 6 Pro. But it’s 30% cheaper. So let’s go through the best tips, tricks, and features packed inside this tiny piece.

1. Advanced Auto Rotate:

Advanced Auto Rotate

So the auto routine feature has had a super annoying problem for years. But if you head into your auto-rotate settings, there’s this epic feature called face detection. And so now here’s the beauty of it. You no longer need to worry about turning your auto rotate on or off when lying down because your Pixel automatically does it for you all by detecting the orientation of your face.

2. Smart Battery:

If you head into your power savings settings, there’s another super useful but slightly unknown feature called adaptive preferences. Here you’ll see two options adaptive battery as well as adaptive charging toggle those on.

Google Pixel 6A Tips

Adaptive Battery – It makes sure your phone uses certain apps only when you need them so it can save on your battery.

Adaptive Charging – This charges your phone really slowly and only gets it to 100% just before your morning alarm goes off. Which of course is great for long-term battery health. So this is great for saving on battery life.

3. Google Pixel 6A Camera Features:

Someone among us cannot imagine life without taking pictures. In this phone you know if you click and hold down on whatever the camera is pointing at it will browse the entire internet to find similar suggestions to what it is seeing. But there are also some other awesome features like top shots. So if you click on settings, you’ll see top shots. And when you toggle this on, it’s kind of like a live picture.

Google Pixel 6A Tips

So this makes the camera record a few split seconds before and after the shutter button. This way you can go and playback what was recorded and then choose the exact frame you want and save it. But now that we’ve taken a few photos, let’s pull focus on some editing.

4. Google Pixel 6A Tips Photo Editing Tool:

Google Pixel 6A is packed with some pretty insane editing tools. The Magic Eraser is placed under the section if you click on Tools then magic eraser. Now what you can do is draw around anything in your background like someone photobombing you. And just like that poof make things disappear like magic. The results are pretty damn good. Although it does sometimes struggle a little bit, you can do all of this without any photoshop skills.

You could also click on this camouflage feature and make different colors disappear. This helps mute unwanted parts of the photo and the parts you want people to focus on really stand out. And then if you’re into taking selfies or portraits. Portrait light takes it to a whole other level because this actually adds a fake light to your portrait photo by using Face detection. And it manages to blend the digital light to look super real as if it was there when you took the picture. It manages to do all of this super snappy.

5. Google Pixel 6A Gestures:

Speaking of snappy, the Pixel has some great gestures that make things super quick. Your phone has got to be the invisible button, also known as Quick Tap. So by turning this on, you can actually control your phone just by tapping on the back of it. You can set it to pause media, there are a ton of different options. And the other cool thing is, that it even vibrates every time you tap.

This is just like iPhone’s back tap. But there’s actually a lot of speculation online as to who started this first. But what do you guys think? Another really useful gesture that a lot of people don’t actually seem to know about is the flip to Shhh. It’s actually really useful for a bunch of different things. And what this does is when you flip your phone face down, it automatically turns on Do Not Disturb, so you don’t get any annoying phone calls or messages.

Google Pixel 6A Gestures

This phone doesn’t come with the biggest screen ever. But if you do have a struggle, you can’t just swipe down over the navigation bar to quickly and easily reach things. This gesture is actually called one-handed mode, and you do just need to make sure it’s toggled on. So under the one-handed mode, just be sure to tap that on.

If you wanted, you could rather pull the notification shade down instead. So it’s totally up to you. Speaking of navigation and all that jazz, if you’re not used to Google’s navigation, you can actually turn on the three-button style that a lot of other Androids have and most people are more familiar with.

6. Create Theme:

Did you know your entire Google Pixel 6A can transform just from changing wallpaper? Yeah. So all you have to do is head on over to your wallpaper and style settings. There you can select your wallpaper from your Gallery or Files. And now the best part is that you can actually change the icons and the accent color of the entire phone all based on your wallpaper. So once you’ve toggled on theme icons, you can choose from these color palette options. Unfortunately, you can’t choose any color you wanted.

But still, as you can see, there are a bunch of different options and a lot to actually on with. But you can also take customization a step further by clicking this gear icon on the keyboard, then theme, and then scroll down and choose from any one of these multiple different keyboard themes. So you can change around with a ton of different options to get the keyboard to look and feel exactly how you want it to. So that is pretty awesome, but definitely not as awesome as controlling your entire phone using just your voice.

7. Google Pixel 6A Voice Control:

Google Pixel 6A Voice Control

All you have to do to turn on voice control is head into your accessibility settings, then scroll down to the bottom until you see voice access. Now you can just toggle it on allow all the different permissions and if you want you can also add a shortcut by toggling that on here is what the shortcut button looks like. So to activate it now all you do is tap on a pop button, So you can literally control your phone with your voice, like browsing the internet, scrolling Instagram, or taking pictures.

8. Translate & Transcribe:

The US alone has over 300 spoken languages. So luckily, Google has actually made it incredibly easy to translate things using Google Lens. So in the camera when you tap on Lens when you hold the camera up and point it to any language, it instantly translates it and even overlays the text. There are over 112 different languages to translate into. You can even take a picture of that text selected and then listen to the translation.

This feature is also surprisingly useful. And again you can find it in accessibility and it is Live Caption. So you can choose to toggle it on here or if you just use the volume rocker you can also toggle Live Caption on or off there. But now any media that is on your phone will automatically be Live Captioned like phone calls or even Insta reels. The Google Pixel 6A can also transcribe everything it hears around it. Its punctuation and grammar are good. To turn this on you just need to head into accessibility settings. But the other cool thing is you can transcribe two different languages simultaneously.

9. Making Rules:

This feature found inside system settings allows you to make rules. So how does it work? you add some sort of rule like setting your phone to silent, but then you can set when you’d like this rule to become useful based on the WiFi network you connected to or you could also use location, but once that is set up, as soon as your WiFi goes off or you connect to a different network, your phone automatically turns to silence. And it’s as simple as quick as that.

If you like your privacy, like most of us do, did you know that you can turn off mic and camera access just by toggling those two buttons? This completely turns off your camera and microphone so nothing, including native apps, can even use them. Another tip is if you search for quick phrases under settings, you will find these two options. Make sure you toggle them on.


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