6 Best Web Hosting For WordPress: Comparison 2023


There are thousands of hosting providers out there, and choosing the right hosting for your website can take a lot of time and effort. To make it easier, we have researched and picked the top six hosting providers that have servers in India. In this article, we have examined the 6 Best Web Hosting providers and show you the Best Web Hosting for WordPress with results.

We took one website and put it on six different hosting providers and tested them one by one for speed, uptime, customer support, and features. let’s see how these hosting providers are. Let’s start with the first part of this article, which is to test the speed of each hosting provider.

1. Speed:

The websites that we have hosted on these platforms and all of these sites are exact copies of each other. This means when we test the speed of these sites, any difference in speed will be due to the hosting provider we are using. We are going to test these sites using a tool called GTmetrix. Here we need to enter the site’s URL, which we are going to test. First, let’s check the speed of the website, which is hosted on Hostinger.

  • Hostinger:

You need to select from where you need to test your site speed. Depending on where you test your website, the speed can vary. Since our hosting providers have servers in India, let’s select India and click Analyze. Now, GTMetrix will test the website’s performance, and as you can see, we have got the results. Now, if we scroll down here you can see that the site loaded in 2.1 seconds, which is quite good. Hosting has loaded our site in 2.1 seconds. In the same way, let’s take the speed of other hosting providers.

  • WebSpaceKit:

The site which we hosted on Webspace kit. As you can see, Webspacekit has loaded our site in 1.8 seconds, which is excellent.

  • HostGator:

The Host Gator has loaded our site in 5.9 seconds, which is a bit slow.

  • A2 Hosting:

You can see that A2hosting has loaded our site in 2.7 seconds. It’s pretty good.

  • GoDaddy:

Now if we analyze this site, you can see that GoDaddy has loaded our site in 5.1 seconds, which is not that great.

  • Bluehost.

Now if we analyze the site, you can see that Bluehost has loaded the same site in 4.7 seconds. So now we have completed checking the speed of all these hosting providers. As you can see, WebspaceKit, Hostinger, and A2 Hosting have the fastest load times. While having a fast-loading website not only keeps your users engaged but also helps rank higher on Google. So if you’re looking for the best performance for your website, we recommend going with WebspaceKit, Hostinger, and A2 Hosting. Now you know which host has the best loading speed.

2. Uptime:

Now let’s check the uptime of each hosting provider. Uptime is the amount of time your website is live on the internet. Sometimes your site might show something like this. This is because your hosting provider is facing downtime due to server error maintenance or any other reason. For example, let’s take a time of 30 days.

Suppose your site is live for all 30 days, then the uptime will be 100%. But if your site is down for seven days, then the uptime will be reduced. Having downtime means you’re losing potential customers, and that’s why a good hosting provider should have an uptime closest to 100%. To test the uptime of each hosting provider, we will be using a tool called Statuscake. Now you need to enter details.

  • Hostinger:

You can select how often you want to check if your site is up or not. We want this tool to check the site every 15 minutes, so leave it at 15 minutes and click Create Test. Our Uptime test is running for the site. In the same way, we have already added all the websites from each hosting provider for testing, run the test for 60 days, and check the results.

So these are the Uptime figures for each hosting provider. All the other hosting providers have 100% uptime, except for Hostinger. Hostinger is also a bit close to 100%, which is great. Now you know which hosting provider gives you the best uptime.

  • Backup Options:

Having regular backups of your website will help you recover from any type of data loss or other issues that might occur. You can easily recover your site using a backup in case you face any problems with plug-ins, team updates, or if you delete something important by mistake. Now you know why having a backup of your website is important. What are the backup features provided by each hosting provider? We’ll be checking whether they provide backup or not. Is it daily or weekly, and how easy it is to restore from a backup?

  • Hostinger Backup Features.

Now, backup features may vary depending on the plans we choose. For every hosting provider, we have selected the best plan that can host multiple websites. So on Hostinger, we have chosen the WordPress starter plan. Now to check the hosting as backup features, we need to go to Admin’s panel. The Admin panel of Hostinger is the place where the admin can manage their hosting accounts. Now to see Hostinger’s backup features, click on Manage, and as backup features, click on Manage. As you can see, Hostinger provides you with daily backups for your website.

Just click manage. You can see that hosting gives you these options for backup. Let’s take the first option. With this, you can restore your website on a preferred date in one click. If we click to choose a website to restore, you can see that hosting has created a backup of our site automatically every week. You can select the date of backup and restore your website and your site will be restored successfully.

Also, you can easily generate a new backup manually by clicking generate new backup. As you can see, hosting provides only weekly backups. So if you’re looking for daily backup, we need to upgrade the plan or simply go with a backup add-on. So on Hostinger, you will get automatic weekly backups for free. So these are the backup features we get on Hostinger.

  • WebspaceKit Backup Features:

Now on Webspacekit, we have chosen the Plus plan as it provides hosting for multiple websites. Daily backup is provided without any extra charges on both plans. So even if you go with the cheaper plan, you get daily backups for your website. To check WebspaceKit’s features, go to our Admin dashboard, then click on Jet Backup, and WebspaceKit automatically backs up our site every day.

You can easily restore your site to an older version just by selecting it from here. Now, let’s say your site has crashed and you want to restore it. So all you need to do is just choose the date of the backup before the crash, then click on the clock sign, then click Restore, and your site will be restored. Now if you visit the site and refresh the page, you can see that the site has been successfully restored. As you saw, we were able to restore the site with just one click. You get daily backups for free and easy one-click restore.

  • HostGator Backup Features:

On HostGator, we have chosen the Performance plan as it provides hosting for multiple websites. Now let’s see Hostgator’s backup features. Go to the Admin dashboard, click on the Domain name, and you can see that Hostgator doesn’t provide backups for free.

  • A2 hosting backup features.

So on A2 hosting, we have selected the Jump plan. Check A2 hosting’s backup feature, The website which we have hosted on A2 hosting. Now to take a backup, you cannot get it directly from the Admin dashboard. We need to log on to Cpanel, then click on the Jet backup file, then click on full backups. Here you can see that A2 hosting creates a backup of our site every day. Now to restore our website, select the date you want from restore. Click restore and again click restore and now your website must be restored. On A2 hosting, you get daily backups for free and easy restore.

  • GoDaddy Backup Features:

Since GoDaddy doesn’t have any plan that allows us to host multiple websites, we have selected the basic plan. To check GoDaddy’s backup features, go to the Admin dashboard, select your site, then click Backups, and you can see that we get daily Backups for free. You can also get a preview of your website on the date that you selected. To restore the site all you have to do is choose the backup date that you want to restore to and click Restore. Now we have successfully restored our website. Godaddy offers free daily backups and restoring your site is easy, you get daily backups for free with just one click Restore.

  • Bluehost Backup Features.

So on Bluehost, we have chosen the Choice Plus plan as it provides multiple websites. Now to check the Bluehost backup features, go to the Admin dashboard, then go to MySites and you can see your site which is hosted on Bluehost. Now click on Manage site and click on Backups, you can see that Bluehost provides you with a Codeguard add-on to back up your site.

Click on plans and you will get different plans. If you go with the basic plan, you can take three restores a month or if you want to take unlimited restores of your website, you can go with other plans on Bluehost, it provides an add-on that we need to use to restore our site. However, WebspaceKit, A2 hosting and GoDaddy provide the best backup features with easy one-click restore.

3. Best Web Hosting Customer Support:

Hosting providers to see how fast they provide customer support. Apart from being fast, having good uptime, and offering easy backup features, a good hosting provider should also provide quick and excellent customer support. Now to check how fast they provide customer support and solve our query, we have asked them the same question to all these hosting providers and see which one of them solved it faster and how efficient they are. The question is “I want to increase the PHP memory limit to its maximum value for my hosting account”.

Best Web Hosting
  • Hostinger:

Hostinger does not provide any phone or mail support. The only way you can reach them is through chat. We’ll send a query and start the timer to see how long it takes for them to solve it. We got the solution from hosting after 18 minutes, along with a guide for us to refer to and solve the query by ourselves.

  • Webspacekit:

In WebspaceKit, you have to create a ticket to solve any technical queries. Once we submitted the ticket we used to start the timer and we got the reply in five minutes they made it hassle-free by solving the queries by themselves. They have a chat option and a call option.

  • Hostgator:

They didn’t take too long to reply, and after seven minutes, they resolved the query for us. It’s pretty good. So Hostgator took more than seven minutes to reply and they solved the question themselves and it has a chat and call option too.

  • A2 hosting:

On A2 hosting we need to enter details on the popup. A2 hosting has put us in a queue and we need to wait for at least an hour to get a reply from them. After 42 minutes, you can see that instead of solving a query for us, they provided a solution that we need to manually implement on our site. It has a chat and call option.

  • GoDaddy:

We sent a query and started the Timer. They didn’t take too long to reply. After two minutes, GoDaddy provided a link that we could refer to and solve the query by ourselves. They have a chat and call option too.

  • Bluehost:

Go to a Bluehost site and you need to enter details before sending a query. Bluehost responded after five minutes for the first reply. After seven minutes they responded to our query and it says that the PHP memory limit is already set to maximum. Also, they have provided you with a link to check it out. Bluehost takes a maximum of 12 minutes to solve the query and has a chat and call option.

Now we have compared all these hosting providers and saw how fast they provide customer support. Here you can see the list of individual timings for their fast support. Now we are done testing all these hosting providers. Now we have all the data we compare all these results and see which is the best hosting for WordPress in India.

Best Web Hosting

When we look at the speed, we can see that hosting a Webspacekit and Hostgator are the fastest. They load the site in less than three seconds. Then the uptime is good for all the hosting providers. In terms of backing up and restoring your site, Webspacekit and GoDaddy offer free daily backups and allow you to restore your site with just one click, while A2 hosting also provides free daily backup, but the process is not straightforward and it’s a bit more complicated. When it comes to customer support, WebspaceKit, HostGator, and Godaddy are the best.

We have got the final results of Best Web Hosting, and you can see all the hosting providers are doing great. Webspacekit totally stands out with lightning-fast speed, awesome uptime, free daily backups with easy one-click restore, fantastic customer support, and it’s affordable too.
Webspacekit also has a staging site feature where in one click you can create a copy of a live site which is known as a staging site.

4. Conclusion:

They respond quickly and solve queries without any hassle. No matter what you choose, make sure the hosting provider offers the features you need, has responsive customer support, and can handle the traffic your site requires. Your site will be an exact copy of a live site and this is super useful because if you want to add any new features to your site or change its look.

You can first do it on your staging site and see if it’s okay. If you like the changes, you can do a one-click push to apply the same changes on your live site. In this way, your site will be live and will always be looking perfect without any issues. Webspacekit offers affordable plans, so if you’re looking for the best hosting for your website, you can choose Webspacekit.


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