Best Places in Maldives To Explore For Ever


The Maldives is a never-ending experience for travelers visiting here. The spiritual attraction of this place is such that people come drawn from all over the world. So that is all about places in Maldives you should explore while you visit the Maldives. It is true that you will not find a place more romantic than the Maldives. This place, made up of 1200 amazing islands, has the most unique beaches in the world. This is the country which is made up of a group of 26 large islands, has There Muslim population living here in the majority.

Coming to the Maldives is an interesting experience for people interested in history. Talking about the people coming here, the tourists in the Maldives are more interested in the coastal areas, the animals and birds that inhabit it, and the watersports that happen here. There is no lack of heart-touching ocean views as this country is the closest to the sea level in the whole world.

Places in Maldives

People from all over the world come here every year to see the coral reefs present here. Even if you have spent your vacation on many beaches before, the beauty of Maldives is such that it is not forgotten. If you are planning to spend your holidays in the Maldives, then there are so many hotels here that you will have plenty of options to stay in. All types of hotels are available here from cheap to costly as well.

• Mode Of Transport In Maldives:

Speedboats and the ferries found here, which are also called ‘Dhoni Sailboats’, are the best options for transport here. Whatever places you want to explore during your visit to the Maldives, it would be better to go by ferry or speedboat. Sea-planes are also available for visiting the resorts in remote areas, but they are quite expensive.

So it is advisable to take them only when needed. If you are going to book a hotel, you can also ask your hotel to arrange transportation. Remember that all resorts have an entry fee for ferry movement. Because the Maldives is a Muslim nation, there is a ban on alcohol. However, liquor is easily available for tourists in hotels and resorts.

• Places in Maldives To Visit:

1. Male:

This crowded city is the capital of Maldives and tourists should know that it is also the most important tourist destination of Maldives. Male Airport is connected to most airports around the world via international flights. This airport is on Hulhule Island, which is 2 km away from Male. You can go from Hulhule to Male by ferry.

Although Male is connected to all the nearby islands by boat, you can also hire scooters or bicycles to be found here, this will make it easier for you to roam. Taxis are also easily available in Male. As you will see in the capital of any country, there is a lot of crowds here. This place is not only a commercial hub but there is also no shortage of natural beauty here.

The blue water here will calm your mind and the crowded markets of Male will introduce you to the civilization here. You will never get tired of seeing this place. Tourism is the biggest business in this country and for this reason, Male is the most important place here. Every tourist coming here goes to other places in the Maldives via Male. There are lots of things to do in Male to spend your entire day here.

2. Grand Friday Mosque:

Spend the day at Male’s famous Grand Friday Mosque and Islamic Center. Both the places are famous for their architecture among the tourists visiting here and there are important tourist places of this city which cannot be missed.

3. Enjoy The Whale Submarine:

You can get to know life under the sea more thoroughly by wandering in the Whale Submarine. Among the many experiences of holidays in the Maldives, you will always remember this.

4. Relax In Spa:

The Maldives is the most romantic and beautiful place in the world. You can not only come here and spend the day looking at the sights, but if you are comfortable then you can also come here and get a spa treatment in a resort.

5. Kuda Bandos:

Kuda Bandos is an important place for tourists as there are some unseen sights to explore here. This place is also very famous among tourists. To get here, it would be convenient to talk to your hotel to arrange the transportation. If this is not possible, you can get a general ferry that runs from Male Airport to Kuda Bandos at the cost of $70.

Bandos Resort is 5 minutes away from there. The island is closed for tourists on Friday and Saturday. For the rest of the day, you can enter by paying an entry fee of $10. To spend a full day in this place, you leave in the morning and take food with you just like a private picnic. There is also a place if you want to cook something during the picnic.

Kuda Bandos is considered a small but most beautiful and untouched place in the Maldives. There is not much human population in many parts of this island. Being quiet away from the human hustle and bustle, you will find unique sea creatures and dense palm trees. Here you can also have a picnic in a quiet manner and if you are interested you can also try hands-on watersports. Kuda Bandos is an island that is liked by all tourists.

6. Snorkeling:

Kuda Bandos is the best place in the Maldives for snorkeling. If you want to experience the world inside the sea then come here and do snorkeling. If you like peace then this island is also a great place for a private picnic.

The Maldives is a never-ending experience for travelers visiting here. The spiritual attraction of this place is such that people come drawn from all over the world. So that is all about the places you should explore while you visit the Maldives. Do not forget to drop your feedback in the comment section below. We are also always looking forward to seeing your suggestions and comments. Also if you have any questions regarding this, do drop them in the comments. I will be sure to chat and reply as much as possible. Please like and share this with your friends and family, because that motivates us.


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