Best 5 European Countries That Everyone Should Visit


Europe is like a story you will never get tired of narrating. Is a great destination. A trip to European Countries is like a rollercoaster ride that is powerful, mesmerizing and at the same time cannot be forgotten. Whether it’s a holiday to relax or a sweat-squeezing thrill – Europe has a lot of options for tourists and every person gets what they want here. This place is so pleasing, that in the coming years you will not be able to live without going here yourself. We will make it easy for you to visit 5 Top European Countries on this fascinating continent. These magnificent places have amazing buildings, which tell the glorious history and at the same time bring the tourism of Europe alive.

European Countries

1. Switzerland

With Swiss Alp, Switzerland offers you the best tourist destination, where you can forget the heat of India. The dense and towering alpine, snow-capped mountains, and the beauty of nature here are the best compared to other places. Switzerland also has many places for exciting walks. You can ski-ing here at the most famous resort of Rothorne. Also, trekking, paragliding, and heli-skiing can be enjoyed here in the mountains.

✓ Must visit these places:

Jungfrozok – Ice Palace, Sphinx Observatory;
Mount Titlis – Titlis Gondola, Titlis Cliff Walk;
JERMAT – Jweseman, Montreaux, Mont Blanc, Lake Breeze, Geneva Lake, Interlaken

2. United Kingdom:

A separate country, where England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Island together form the United Kingdom. There are many options in this country to visit. You will be mesmerized by seeing the script and uniformity here. One of the best buildings built in Neo-Classical style will win your heart. The UK is like a one-stop-shop for any travel, where everything is available. You should start your journey from London. Most people in the UK come here to see the best attractions.

✓ Must visit these places:

London – Buckingham Palace, Palace of Westminster, St Paul’s Cathedral, London Eye, Madame Tussauds;
Edenburg – Edenberg Cassell, Mons Meg;
Belfast – Grand Opera House, Belfast Castle;
Glasgow – Glasgow University Bells Bridge, Riverside Museum.

3. Greece:

Greece is like a great sun-drenched sea beach, with excellent islands, luxurious buildings, and an atmosphere of romance. Greece is one of the most preferred places for those traveling on a romantic journey. Here you can spend holidays with your life partner. Apart from the beaches and islands, the historical buildings here are heart-touching. From statues carved on many stones to buildings, everyone is truly observant.

✓ Must visit these places:

Santorini Athens – Syntagma Square, Parliament, Academy, Memorial to Unknown Soldier, Parthenone
Delfi – Apollo Temple, Athenian Treasury, Altar of Chians
Olympia – Temple of Hera, Temple of Zeus, Metroon
Mykonos – Mykonos Castle, Paradise Beach, Parnassos

4. France:

Popular for its distinct culture, this historic place is one of the most preferred places in the country. This place is a stronghold of art and culture. Also, it is known for its UNESCO World Heritage Site. The main attraction here is the City of Love i.e. Paris. If you go to visit France, then spend more time in Paris. Because in a short period of time, you will be deprived of many great attractions. There are some places like Nice, Cannes, Clermont-Ferrand, and Avignon, which are definitely a must-visit. While visiting France, many people forget to visit these beautiful places. France is a great place for food lovers.

✓ Must visit these places:

Paris – Eiffel Tower, Musée Deourse, Louvre Museum, Notre Dame de Paris, Arc de Triomphe, Palais Garnier, Palace of Versailles, Charters Cathedral and Champs-Lises.

5. Germany:

Everyone is aware of Germany’s role in the Second World War. Everyone knows that Germany has a magnificent history. For that, you have to go there and live as well as the magnificent atmosphere. People traveling to Germany are amazed to see that this place is a mixture of romance, adventure, leisure, and many other things. Germany has emerged as a love tourist spot in the recent past. Festivals in this country continue throughout the year. Here, everyone who goes to Octoberfest will get everything. The buzzing nights in music and lots of shopping places are the main attractions here. You can plan your upcoming holiday here with family or friends.

✓ Must visit these places:

Berlin – World War II battlefield, Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag building, Memorial of Boys of Europe, Czech Point Charlie;
Münick – Niemphenberg Palace, Hofbrahaus Manken, Neuschvostian Kessel
Bavaria – Dutus Museum, Moonic Residence, Alte Pinacotheque
Frankfurt – Gothe House, Alte Open, Natur Museum Sackenberg, Frankfurt Cathedral.

European Countries Conclusion:

So whenever you are traveling to Europe, do not forget to visit all these great places. We hope that this article helps you to make your Europe trip more cherishable and exciting than ever before. Do not forget to drop your feedback in the comment section below. Also if you have any questions regarding this, do drop them in the comments. I will be sure to chat and reply as much as possible. Please like and share this with your friends and family, because that motivates us.


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