Battery Saving Tips: Settings You Need To Change Now


If you have a smartphone, but the phone battery is soon discharged, do not worry. We are telling you Battery Saving Tips on the ways that your phone battery will last for a long time. If you want your mobile battery to run more, then keep these 10 important things in mind.

1. Charge Mobile With Original Charger:

Battery Saving Tips

Often we charge the mobile on whatever charger we get. But the smartphone should always be charged with the same charger which is mixed with the phone. Because even though the charging ports are the same, the capacity and power of each battery and charger are different, which can adversely affect your battery.

2. Do not Use Other Company’s Charger:

Often people buy any cheaper charger from the market after the main charger goes bad, which should not be done. There is no way to avoid overcharging in such chargers. This can damage your phone and battery so you need to be careful.

3. Remove The Mobile Cover While Charging:

Remove The Mobile Cover While Charging

Your smartphone and battery last longer. For this, it is necessary to remove the phone cover before charging. Because it is natural for the phone to heat up while charging the battery. In such a situation, if the cover is installed then the smartphone will start heating up, which can cause damage to your phone and battery. Apart from this, whenever you put the phone on charging, keep it on a solid surface, so that heat transfer can be done in it, or place the smartphone on the screen with a soft cloth.

4. Avoid Using Fast Charger:

Using a fast charger is not right for the battery. Because in fast charging, more voltage is sent to the phone’s battery, which immediately increases the temperature. In this case, if the phone becomes very hot while charging, then turn off the power button for a few seconds.

5. Do not Charge Your Smartphone Overnight:

It is important for the health of the smartphone and battery not to leave it on for charging overnight. However, most smartphones come with an auto power cut option, meaning the battery stops charging extra as soon as it becomes full. However, as a precaution, it is important that you do not leave your phone on charging for several hours.

6. Do not Use Other Battery Apps:

In order to save battery, do not use a third-party app at all. Because it constantly runs in the background, which affects the battery badly and the phone battery also costs more. Even more the application also runs in background so you can not depend on the any third party battery optimization applications.

7. Charge the battery at least 80%:

Charge the battery at least 80%

Whenever you put your phone on charging, charge the battery at least 80 percent. For good battery life, less charging should be avoided. If you do not charge to it maximum capacity it will be helpful in the battery life of the device.

8. Don’t Charge Repeatedly:

Do not put the battery on repeated charging. It happens that even if the battery is empty, people put it on charging. It is important that the battery should be allowed to discharge up to 20 percent before being charged. Uninterrupted and repeated charging reduces battery life.

9. Buy Good Power-banks Only:

Buy Good Power-banks Only

People keep the power bank with them for backup of the phone battery, but in the meantime, it is important to keep in mind that the power bank is of good company. In which the voltage is not up and down, there is no problem of short circuit and over current and overcharging. By using such a power bank, the battery of your phone will last longer and will also be safe.

10. Don’t Use Smartphone While Charging:

When the phone is charging, you are charging with the help of a power bank, it should not be used. Because the temperature of the smartphone increases while talking or chatting on the phone, which is not true for both the battery and the smartphone.


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