5 Common Android Problems of Smartphone and Their Solutions


No matter how expensive you want to get a smartphone. But after some time the Common Android Problems and errors come. Apparently, hundreds of components and apps have been made together, so something often happens. But if there is a problem with the phone, it is not necessary that you reach the service center every time.

Common Android Problems

Rather, you can solve many problems yourself. Next, we mentioned 5 such big Common Android Problems occurring in Android phones and have tried to explain their solutions as well. Let me tell you that we have mentioned the problems which are the most annoying users.

1. Common Android Problems is Overheating:

You must know one thing clear if you are playing games, streaming videos, or using the camera for a long time then the phone will be slightly warm. Yes! If it is getting too hot, then there is a problem and it can be due to hardware or software.

Solution 1:

If the phone is heating up on a regular basis or it is heating up during calling messaging and chatting, then understand that this is a software problem and first update the software of your phone. If you have updated the software in a hurry, yet the problem has arisen, pay attention to any recently installed apps. Maybe because of that. Try uninstalling it once. If it is still not fixed, then understand that it is happening due to hardware and for this, you will have to go to your phone’s hardware segment.

Solution 2:

In older phones, such problem is more. If the internal memory of the phone gets filled or if the cache memory becomes too much, then it starts heating up even in small tasks. The only reason for this is that first you have to backup and delete all the unuseful things from the phone and then clear the cache memory and restart the phone once. But remember that this solution is for some time only. If the memory refills, the phone will heat up again or hang.

2. ‘Download Pending’ Error In Google Play Store

Many users will be seen complaining that the app is not being downloaded from the Google Play Store on their phones. However, the solution is simple. For this, you have to take two or three steps, only that will work.

Solution 1:

First, check if your Play Store is updated. Often this problem is caused by the absence of a Play Store update. If not updated, update it and restart the phone once. With this, the problem will be solved.

Solution 2:

If there is an update and still not downloading then you have to go to the settings. From here you have to choose the app. In the app section, you have to click on Google Play Store. Here you will get a lot of options. But you have to clear the cache by going down and then on coming up, you will get the option of force stop and click it.

In addition to this, you will find the button disabled, click on it as well, and after 5-10 seconds enable it. Now restart the phone once. With this trick, the problem of not downloading the app on the phone will be solved and the phone will also start working smoothly.

3. High Battery Consumption:

The new phone works fine but as it becomes old it causes battery-related problems. Rapid battery drain in mobile phones also becomes a major problem. If your phone is one year or two years old and then you are facing this kind of problem, then there can be many reasons. Either the phone battery is damaged or the apps are bothering you. In this case, by trying some tricks, you can find out the real reason.

Solution 1:

Let me tell you that if the battery is bad then nothing can be done. You have to take it to the service center, but if there is a problem with OS or software, then it can be fixed. Older phones often increase battery consumption due to a lack of OS updates. In such a situation, first of all, you update your phone. If the phone is updated and still having problems then obviously some apps are bothering you.

Solution 2:

There are some apps that are known as Battery Keeler. That is, they consume a lot of battery and the first name comes from Facebook Messenger. If you do not chat too much on Facebook Messenger, then uninstall it is much better. Apart from Messenger, there are many apps that consume a lot of battery.

If the battery consumption in your phone has increased suddenly, then look at the newly installed app and uninstall it and restart the phone once. This will solve the Common Android Problems. Apart from this, if your phone is old, then you can do some good battery backup by closing background apps, turning off notifications of some apps, and reducing screen brightness slightly.

4. Camera App Keeps Crashing:

Problems also increase as Android phones become old. Camera app crash is also a big problem. You turn on the camera for photography and it turns on but crashes before clicking. In such a situation, you get upset about how to fix it. Because going to the service center means forgetting the phone for 2-3 days. But let me say that the solution is very easy.

Solution 1:

First, check if any update has come. If OS or Camera app update has come, then update immediately and then restart the phone. This will solve the problem.

Solution 2:

If there is no update, then first of all go to the settings of the phone and open the App Manager from there. The camera option will appear in it. Click it. On clicking, a lot of options will appear in front of you, you go down and clear the cache first. After this, there will also be an option to force stop the camera app at the top. You force stop.

There is also an option to disable and enable the app in front. You disable the camera app and enable it after 5 seconds. After this, once you restart the phone, the problem of the camera app crash will be resolved. If it is not recovered from this, then take a backup of the phone once and reset the factory data. After this, the phone’s camera will start working properly.

5. Not Able To Download Any Application.

This is a big problem in Android phones. Many users will see you complaining that the app is not being downloaded to their phones. Let me tell you that this problem is big but the solution is easy.

Solution 1:

If your smartphone is having any problem, first of all, check its update. Check the Play Store for an update. If it arrives, update immediately. If updated, go to the phone settings and from there select the app manager. In it, you will see Google Play, click on it. In the Google app, you will get many options, click below that will be clear cache. This will solve the problem.

Solution 2:

If it is not happening after that, then open the Play Store on your phone. Here at the top you will see three lines, click on them. With this, the menu will open up. From here you have to go to the setting. In this, you have to click on clear local search. After this, restart the phone. The download will begin.


So that is all about the 5 major problems that occurs usually while using Android smartphones. We hope that this article helps to solve any of these problems on your own if you face any of them. Do not forget to drop your feedback in the comment section below. We are also always looking forward to seeing your suggestions and comments. Also if you have any questions regarding this, do drop them in the comments. I will be sure to chat and reply as much as possible. Please like and share this with your friends and family, because that motivates us.


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