15 Signs She is Cheating on You


It’s easy to think that if you’re in a relationship, your partner is totally committed to you. If they’re not spending enough time with you, not texting back when you call, or avoiding your calls altogether, it can feel like a sign that Cheating or something is wrong. But what if there are other signs that should be checked out before you jump to conclusions? For example, she’s always on her phone. Does she really need to be texting friends so much? Do you have any idea who she’s talking to or how often she’s doing it?


She spends more time with her friends than she does with you. What does this mean? Is she hanging out with friends because they want her company? Are they trying to make sure that their secrets stay secret away from yours? There are many signs of cheating and infidelity that we don’t always catch right away. It can be hard to know what those signs are if we don’t know how our partner would react if confronted about them. For example: “I saw her talking on the phone in class today,” or “She’s been spending more time at work lately.” These things may seem innocent enough on their own, but taken together as

1. Compounding lies:

Have you ever caught your girlfriend in a lie? Maybe it’s something simple, like where she’s going or what she’s going to do. You may not have caught her cheating, but you have found concrete evidence of dishonest behavior. The brutal truth is, if she lies to you once, there will always be a possibility that she will lie again. Once a person starts lying, they rarely take responsibility for their mistakes. They pile lies on top of lies until no one knows what’s going on. If your girlfriend lies to you and is unwilling to admit what she’s done, there’s a good chance she is hiding more than you know.

2. Unusual Grooming Habits:

Is she spending a lot of time in the shower? Prolonged and frequent showers can be a dead giveaway of unfaithful behavior. When people are cheating, they almost always shower after their affairs in order to wash away the evidence. She may be hoping a hot shower is enough to cover up her mistakes. But don’t let yourself be fooled if your partner needs a long, steaming shower every time she sees you, there’s almost always a reason why.

3. Concealing Technology:

It’s natural for partners to keep their devices private. Even though you aren’t hiding any big secrets from your partner, you still don’t like the idea of her rifling through your phone. It’s natural to set these kinds of boundaries, but when someone is unfaithful, their protective instincts go into overdrive. For example, your girlfriend may be extra careful never to leave you alone with her phone or computer.

She doesn’t let you use her devices for any reason, even if you just want to know the time. If you’re worried she’s hiding something, try this. Next time you’re lying in bed or sitting on the couch innocently, look over at her screen and ask her what she’s doing. If she lets you look, it’s unlikely she’s hiding anything as big as an affair. But if she conceals her screen, there may be something she doesn’t want you to see.

4. The Work Excuse:

Every time you message your girlfriend asking to spend time together, she says something like, sorry, I have to work late. That sounds like a reasonable excuse, right? The work excuse, as it’s sometimes called, is one of the most common strategies used by unfaithful partners. They use work as a cover-up for their affairs because it’s an excuse most people are willing to believe. Think about this. If she were working as hard as she says, wouldn’t you see other signs of change in her life?

Wouldn’t you hear about a big project she’s working on or a promotion she’s working toward? Wouldn’t she be complaining about the stress and pressure she’s under? All this makes sense, yet she rarely elaborates on anything she does Cheating. She makes this excuse over and over again, but more than likely, work has nothing to do with it.

5. Disappearing Intimacy:

Does your girlfriend usually like to cuddle? Most people enjoy being affectionate in small physical ways. Holding hands, cuddling on the couch, or sleeping in each other’s arms are ways that partners express physical and emotional closeness. If your partner is cheating on you, that closeness may suddenly disappear. She doesn’t like cuddling or holding hands. She makes every effort to avoid physical contact with you. It could be that she’s going through something personal and stressful. In that case, be supportive. But if she’s pulling away and won’t tell you why there may be someone else in her life.

6. Midnight Messages:

Does she spend hours texting people that you don’t know? Does she frequently stare at her phone and smile? A sudden increase in texting time can be a reliable sign of unfaithfulness, especially if she’s texting someone you’ve never heard of before. Usually, she talks to her friends and family. She may message you throughout the day or send messages to her colleagues. But if it’s the middle of the night and she’s sending messages back and forth with some unknown recipient, you might have a problem.

7. Nosy Accusations:

Has your girlfriend ever accused you of being too nosy? In some cases, she may be right. If you frequently invade her privacy, you may be a nosy person. But if you’re typically respectful of her space and boundaries, then it’s more likely she’s hiding something from you. Unfaithful partners use phrases like nosy and jealous to manipulate your feelings. She makes you feel like the bad guy. She insists that you are doing something wrong when in reality, she’s only trying to protect herself.

8. Romantic Boredom:

Does she seem bored with your relationship? Before a partner resorts to cheating, she may show signs of boredom. She doesn’t get the same rush from spending time with you. She may have settled into a comfortable routine and doesn’t see you as the romantic partner she once did.

As a result, she doesn’t do anything to keep the relationship alive. She hardly talks to you, never makes plans, and takes little interest when you try to reignite your romantic spark. It seems like she is emotionally checked out, but that may not be the whole story. It’s possible she’s bored of you because she’s interested in someone else.

9. Upgrading Her Style:

Upgrading Her Style

Recently, your girlfriend has been dressing nice than she usually does. She’s been putting on attractive outfits and investing time and money into her appearance. But she’s not doing it to get your attention. In fact, she only seems to dress up when you’re not around on date nights, she doesn’t care what she looks like, but when she goes out with her friends, she dresses her best. Why? Because she may be thinking about changing her relationship.

10. Hidden Activities:

Does your girlfriend hide certain parts of her life from you? When someone is cheating, they tend to omit important details about their life. For example, if you ask your girlfriend what she did today, she may change the subject or suddenly become defensive. These suspicious activities can be evidence of something happening behind the scenes. She won’t tell you what she’s doing because she spent that time with someone else.

11. Living a New Life:

Is your girlfriend changing into someone you don’t recognize? Has she made new friends, taken up new hobbies, and adopted surprising habits? It’s common for people to change their lifestyle at the end of a relationship. They want to meet new social groups and take up new passions. They want to rediscover themselves, which often leads to a romantic connection with someone who fits the new life they want to live. If your girlfriend has become someone new, look for other signs of unfaithfulness, because she may be changing her life and leaving you out of it.

12. The Symptoms of Unfaithfulness:

Partners can’t be available for each other. 24/7. Between work, hobbies, and other responsibilities, there are times when we are simply busy. But lately, your girlfriend has been extra difficult to track down. She’s never around when you stop by, and she takes hours to respond to your messages. So what’s going on here?

A suddenly busy schedule doesn’t guarantee that she is cheating on you. For example, she might be overwhelmed at work or distracted by friends or family. But if the problem continues, it could be a symptom of more significant issues in your relationship. Left unaddressed, those problems may lead to unfaithfulness down the road.

13. Loss of Interest:

In the past, you and your partner dreamed of a future together. You planned out what your life will look like and where you’re going to live. These days, your girlfriend shows no interest in your future. A sudden inexplicable loss of interest can signify unfaithful behavior. Your girlfriend may have met someone they consider a better match. Now all their dreams about the future have shifted to a different person. Even though nothing concrete has changed in your relationship, she has mentally checked out of it. This doesn’t guarantee she’s found someone new, but it does raise the odds that she is unfaithful.

14. Sworn to Secrecy:

Does your girlfriend have a needy friend who constantly demands her attention? Is she frequently canceling plans at the last minute to run to her friend’s side? You might think she’s just a good friend, but this suspicious behavior is a common trick used by unfaithful partners. They say they’re going to help a friend when really they’re running into the arms of someone new.

When she comes back, she refuses to tell you what happened. She may say something like, I’m sorry, I can’t say anything. I’m sworn to secrecy. While she may have a friend in need, something doesn’t make sense here. If her friend really needs her that often, she would be able to tell you more details about their problems. She might even ask for your help. Instead, she keeps you in the dark because her friend doesn’t actually exist.

15. Singular Language:

Have you ever noticed a change in the way she talks? Strong couples tend to use words like we and us because they identify as a combined romantic unit. On the other hand, unfaithful partners regress to singular pronouns like I and you. Changing to a singular language means she doesn’t see you as a part of her life anymore or Cheating. There’s even a chance she found a new connection with someone else. She’s a singular pronoun around you, but she’s a plural pronoun around them. Why? Because their relationship has grown stronger and more intimate than you realize.


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