15 Psychology Tricks That Can Make You Confident


Do you feel like you are always lacking the confidence to express yourself to someone? Maybe you feel like you’re not good enough, or that your fears are holding you back. No matter what the reason, there are some psychology tricks that can help you regain your confidence. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most effective methods for boosting your self-esteem and feeling more secure in your own skin. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to conquer any challenge!

Psychology Tricks

Do you struggle with feeling self-conscious? Do you feel like you do not measure up to society’s unrealistic expectations? If so, you are not alone. According to a study published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, almost half of the population feels like they don’t conform to societal norms. What can you do to combat this feeling and build self-confidence? Here are some psychology tricks that can help.

1. The Benjamin Franklin Effect:

In the 18th century, author and inventor Benjamin Franklin discovered a powerful psychological trick that you can use to attract anyone you meet. Here’s how it works. Someone who’s done you a favor in the past is more likely to do you another favor in the future. In other words, if you ask someone for a small favor, they’re more likely to see you in a positive light. This psychological trick, later dubbed the Benjamin Franklin Effect, has many applications, including romantic attraction.

If you want to build a connection with someone you like, then ask them for a small, easy favor, like telling the time or giving directions. Most people will happily oblige and as a result, develop a more favorable opinion of you. This is a great way to build rapport between you and a stranger, but it also gets your foot in the door, making you seem more approachable and familiar.

2. Seeds of Romance:

You can also attract new people by creating future date opportunities. For example, let’s say you and a stranger are talking about a musical artist you both love. You might say something like, we should go to a concert together sometime. Suggestions like these are not the same as concrete plans. You’re not really setting a date or a time, nor are you committing to anything in particular. Instead, you’re creating the potential for future dates.

You’re expressing romantic interest and investments, encouraging them to make similar investments in you. Showing these romantic seeds also creates momentum. You see, every seed you plant can be harvested sometime in the future, giving you easy opportunities to spend time together and deepen your connection.

3. The Most Powerful Word:

The Most Powerful Word

When you connect with someone new, one word is more powerful than any other. That word is their name. Learning someone’s name and using it in conversation is a simple yet powerful trick that will make you more attractive to literally anyone. The human brain reacts strongly to the sound of its own name. It grabs your attention, alerts your senses, and it encourages you to listen closely. Additionally, people who know your name seem approachable and familiar. Instead of strangers, they feel like friends or partners, making them more appealing than 99% of people.

4. Psychology Tricks That Make it Spicy:

Studies have shown that people feel a stronger connection to friends and partners after participating in heart-pounding activities like roller coasters or physical sports. These activities get your heart racing and your blood pumping. They put a smile on your face and intensify your emotions, including strong feelings of excitement and camaraderie. Of course, you can’t visit an amusement park with every person you meet. But luckily, there’s an easier way to get people’s hearts racing.

All you have to do is eat spicy food. Yeah, like going on a roller coaster, eating something spicy kicks your body into overdrive while your tongue is burning, and you experience powerful emotions, including nervousness, excitement, joy, and eventually relief. As a bonus, braving a spicy meal is a wonderful, if not slightly painful, bonding experience. So what do you have to lose? If you want to be more attractive, then make your next meal a spicy one.

5. A Beautiful Scene:

Are you looking for an easy way to make substantial attractive? First impressions. Alright, let’s say you’re standing near a landmark or a breathtaking view. If you want to get the attention of someone you find attractive, then you might ask them to take your picture. Thanks to the Benjamin Franklin effect, taking a picture builds a special rapport.

Asking for a favor creates a sense of familiarity, making you a more attractive option. But that’s not all. When someone takes a picture of you, you’re inadvertently asking them to focus on your physical features. They’ll take notice of what you’re wearing. They get to see you smile over a beautiful backdrop, assuming they like what they see. Setting a beautiful scene is enough to make anyone’s heart flutter.

6. Take Emotional Risks:

People are more likely to fall for you if they feel a deeper emotional connection. Usually, it takes time and positive reinforcement to build a meaningful relationship with a stranger. However, there’s one easy trick that you can use to create a similar connection in seconds. The trick is to tell someone a secret.

The Most Powerful Word

Spilling a genuine personal secret, especially to a stranger, requires vulnerability and trust, two characteristics that are vital to any romantic relationship. By sharing something private and confidential, you’re willing to be vulnerable. You’re giving this person your trust and fostering a stronger bond between you. Hey, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Tell someone a secret. Give them your trust. You might get hurt. But if you want to make a lasting impression, that’s a risk that you must be willing to take.

7. Who Are You?

Attractive people draw the attention of others, but they also keep the attention of others. How? By bringing out the best in the people they meet. We’re naturally attracted to people who make us feel confident, happy, and secure. We want someone who sees us for who we are. So how do you make yourself attractive to almost anyone? Try to understand what defines them as a person. If you can see them for who they are, you instantly become special to them. You become one of the few people with whom they can be their honest selves. And that makes you attractive to anyone you’ll ever meet.

8. Say The Right Things:

Giving compliments is another way to boost the confidence of strangers. An honest compliment taps the reward center in your brain, giving you a burst of confidence and self-esteem. If you become a source of positivity and encouragement in someone’s life, they’re sure to enjoy every moment they spend in your company. But it’s essential that you give compliments the right way. Don’t focus on things someone might be insecure about, like their body shape. Overly physical or invasive compliments leave the wrong impression, so keep these personal boundaries in mind. Inappropriate compliments can scare people away, but the right flattery makes you attractive to literally anyone.

9. Bonding Forces:

Inside jokes create limitless opportunities to draw other people closer to you. An inside joke is a reference that only you two understand. It creates a sense of exclusivity in your relationship, acting as a bonding force by separating you two from the rest of the world. When you make an inside joke, you two suddenly know something that no one else does, which creates a feeling of closeness that anyone will find irresistible.

10. Opportunities to Shine:

What are the most attractive qualities of a potential partner? Talent and passion commonly rank among the most desirable characteristics. Almost everyone is drawn to people with impressive skills, talents, and personal passions. We like people who are good at what they do, people who exude confidence, mastery, and self-discipline. No matter what talents you have, give yourself an opportunity to shine. You’re the most attractive version of yourself when you confidently excel at something you love. So be impressive. Put yourself in a position to show off and succeed, because other people will be drawn to your passion.

11. The Psychology of Nicknames:

The Psychology of Nicknames

Giving someone a nickname is a psychological trick that you can use to build rapport with almost anyone. For example, funny nicknames make people laugh and deepen your connection by adding a sense of comfort and familiarity to your relationship. Each time you use these nicknames, your connection will grow. Each repetition brings a smile to their face, and it reminds them that you have a funny, unique, and meaningful relationship.

12. Positive Gravitation:

How do you show other people that you’re fun, exciting, and desirable? Here’s an easy trick to attract anyone without lifting a finger. Instead of catering to other people, concentrate on your personal enjoyment. Do what you think is fun, have a great time, and you’ll discover that other people will naturally gravitate in your direction.

13. A Unique Impression:

Your sense of style can make or break the impressions that you leave on other people. Even if you generally dress well, you may find that potential partners aren’t drawn to your look. If you want to appear more attractive, then try adding more detail to your style. By incorporating small accents, you can express your taste and infuse more depth into your character. You seem more attractive, complex, and unique to the average person, all thanks to a few tasteful accents.

14. The Illusion of Commonality:

We are drawn to people who share our interests and hobbies. We form deep connections with people who have similar values and ideas. But if you want to be attractive to almost anyone, you can’t rely on shared personality traits to make a lasting impression. Instead, use your body language to create the illusion of commonality. In other words, you can show interest and attraction by suddenly imitating the people you like, you should not copy everything they do but you should mirror their body language. Even though you don’t know much about each other it feels like you are on the same page. The stronger those feelings get more attractive and approachable you become.

15. Light Their Fire:

Tiny and significant movements can light a fire in someone’s heart. If you want to be more attractive then pick someone you like and look deep into their eyes. Usually when we make eye contact with someone. Especially, someone, we are attracted to we stare for movement and then look away. However, studies show that prolonged eye contact increases the likelihood of falling in love. In other words, an extra second of eye contact can make the difference between the missed opportunity and a blossoming connection.

Being confident can help you improve your performance in life and relationships. But how can someone become more confident? By using the tricks we discussed above, of course! There are a number of decades of studies that show that these psychology tricks work better than any other method. If you too want to use them, try them out next time you need to boost your confidence. You will be amazed at how fast it works!


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