13 Tips How To Lower Electric Bills in A Big Way


One month you’re paying a few hundred dollars and the next month it would double or even triple. With today’s article, you will know how to lower electric bills in a big way. That is if you read until the end. According to the United States Energy Information Administration, the average monthly electric bill in the US in 2019 was $115 per month. Lowering your electric bills could be a huge help, as it could help you save money and electricity. Here are the 13 tips on how to lower electric bills in a big way.

Lower Electric Bills

1. Get an Energy Audit:

An energy audit is when a professional walks room by room through your house and finds places where it might be losing energy. It can help you identify air leaks, poor insulation, low-efficiency lighting, and more. Many companies offer energy audits as a free service.

2. Adjusting Your Thermostat:

Lower Your Electricity bill by adjusting your thermostat. Changing the temperature on the thermostat could definitely lower your electric bill. According to the Department of Energy, turning back your thermostat by seven to ten degrees for 8 hours per day can save you as much as 10%.

3. Replace Your Air Filters:

Air filters catch a lot of dust and many tiny particles. Changing air filters can lower your electricity consumption by 5% to 15%.

4. Increase the Temperature:

On your refrigerator and freezer. These should often be set to certain degrees to keep food fresh.

5. Turn Down Your Water Heater:

Lowering your temperature does not only save you money, but it also eliminates a safety hazard caused by scalding water, and it slows mineral build-up and corrosion in water heaters and pipes.

6. Wash Clothes in Cold Water:

90% of the electricity needed to run your washing machine is a result of heating the water. Washing clothes in cold water can save you about $63 per year on your electricity bill.

7. Unplug Appliances:

To lower Electricity Bills Phantom, not the musical loads refer to the energy that your home appliances use when they are in standby mode. These Phantom loads cost a lot, but you can avoid them by unplugging and turning off appliances when not in use.

8. Save Money and Indoor Lighting:

Turning off lights in rooms you don’t use, and only using indoor lights later in the day when natural light isn’t available is one way to spend less on electricity bills. With that, you can also change your light bulbs to a lower wattage to lower the bills even more.

9. Install Solar Lights Outside:

Solar panels may cost a lot, but they do not break immediately, and they would save you months or years of electricity once you start using them. Replacing only the outdoor lights with solar-powered ones would help a lot in reducing electricity bills.

10. Maintain Your HVAC System:

You can take steps to ensure your system runs as efficiently as possible. One of the best ways to do that is to schedule annual maintenance on your HVAC system with that you would be able to find out any inefficiencies and ensure the air circulating your home is clean.

11. Upgrade Your Appliances:

To lower electricity bills home appliances could be considered being upgraded into energy star products. Imagine the savings if you have only energy-efficient appliances.

12. Lower Electric Bills by Switch to Fans:

When an aircon is not really needed. Switch to electric fans using electric fans would be a lot cheaper in electric bills than air conditioners. A ceiling fan can help a room feel cooler and uses 10% of your air conditioner’s energy.

13. Off-Peak Rates:

Take advantage of off-peak rates for people on a time to use electricity. Plan rates are absolutely higher and would vary during certain hours of the day. These hours generally include weekdays and evenings while late nights and weekends have low demand by that you can Lower Electric Bills.


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