10 Things Girls Do That Guys Do Not Understand


Sometimes it’s hard being a guy. We don’t always understand the way of the female species. In fact, girls do many things that guys have a hard time wrapping their heads around. These things are mainly in reference to their behavior, but they can also apply to their thoughts and words. So if you’re a guy looking to better understand the girls in your life, or a girl feeling a little misunderstood, you’re in the right place. Let’s have a little fun together and try to make sense of Things Girls Do It.

Things Girls Do

1. Asking for More than Just a Simple Answer:

When a girl asks for more than just a simple answer, it can be frustrating and confusing. But don’t worry, there are some valid reasons behind this behavior. You see, girls tend to analyze and overthink everything, even the simplest of answers. They want to understand the reasoning behind your response and may also be seeking some validation or attention from you. Sometimes a simple answer can come across as dismissive or uninterested, leading to more questions. So the next time a girl asks for more, try engaging in a deeper conversation to show that you’re invested and interested in the discussion.

2. Going to the Bathroom Together:

Let me break this down for you. Girls like to go to the bathroom together for a few reasons, actually. For one, it’s a chance for them to quickly catch up and talk about whatever is going on in their lives. Plus, they can give each other advice on anything from fashion to relationships. It’s also a safety thing. Going to the bathroom alone, especially in a club or bar, can be a little sketchy. So they stick together and watch each other’s backs. Let them do their thing. They’ll be back in no time.

3. Remembering Every Little Detail Even if It’s Been a Few Years:

Have you ever been in a situation where a girl brings up something you said or did years ago and you have no recollection of it? Well, let me tell you, girls have a superpower when it comes to remembering details. It’s like they have a mental filing system where they store every little thing you say or do, and it’s not because they want to hold it against you or use it as ammunition in an argument.

Well, maybe sometimes, but it’s mainly because they care about you and the relationship. They want to remember the good times, the inside jokes, and the important things. The next time a girl brings up something from the past, embrace it and use it as an opportunity to strengthen her bond.

4. Telling their Girlfriends Everything:

If you ever find yourself scratching your head wondering why girls feel the need to tell their girlfriends everything, don’t fret. It’s nothing personal. Girls often need to process their emotions and thoughts out loud, and they find comfort in sharing their experiences with their closest friends.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of needing a sounding board to bounce ideas off of and other times, it’s about seeking validation and support. It’s just one of the many ways girls communicate and connect with each other. And if you want to make a girl feel more comfortable, show her that you’re a good listener and that you care about her feelings. It will go a long way in building a strong and healthy relationship.

5. Spending the Entire Day Shopping:

It’s no secret that girls love to shop, but most guys just can’t comprehend how they can spend an entire day doing it. Well, let me tell you, there’s more to it than just buying things. For most girls, shopping is an experience. It’s a chance to explore stores, discover new trends and styles, and bond with whoever happens to be their shopping companion.

Shopping is also a form of self-care, a chance to escape from the stress of daily life and indulge in a little retail therapy. And let’s not forget the excitement of finding that perfect piece that makes them feel confident and beautiful. So the next time your girlfriend or female friend suggests a shopping trip, try to embrace the experience and enjoy the journey. You might just discover a new appreciation for the world of fashion and the joy of spending time with someone you care about.

6. Saying I’m Fine When they Really Aren’t:

It can be confusing when a girl says she’s fine but clearly isn’t. Here’s the deal. When she says that, it’s usually because she doesn’t want to burden you with her problems, or she’s not ready yet to talk about what’s bothering her. She may also be trying to avoid conflict, or she’s upset about something that may seem trivial to you but is important to her.

If a girl says she’s fine but you can tell she’s not, just give her a little space and let her know you’re there for her when she’s ready to talk. And if all else fails, a little bit of chocolate and a good sense of humor can go a long way in making her feel better. Trust me on this one.

7. Paying so Much for a Haircut:

Guys find this one especially hard to wrap their heads around. After all, a $20 haircut can transform a scruffy dude into a suave gentleman, while a woman can spend hundreds of dollars and walk out of the salon looking exactly the same as before the cut. Well, here’s the lowdown. Women’s haircuts often require more time and effort due to the length and thickness of their hair, as well as the complexity of the style.

 Paying so Much for a Haircut

Additionally, women’s haircuts may involve more specialized finishing techniques like blowouts and flat ironing, which can add to the cost. On top of that, the stylist may have gone through more technical training and expertise to give women the perfect cut, which can also increase the price. So when you’re in the salon, with a girl and wondering why she’s paying much more for a haircut, remember that she’s getting a personalized expert service that’s apparently worth every penny.

8. Things Girls Do So Much Stuff in Their Purse:

You know when a girl asks you to hold her purse and you’re left wondering what the heck is inside? I mean, the thing weighs a ton, right? That’s because girls like to be prepared for anything that might come their way. Whether it’s a sudden headache, a paper cut, or the apocalypse. They’ve got the remedy tucked away in their trusty bag. And let’s not forget the essentials like wallets, phones, and keys. Plus, they like to have their makeup on hand for touch-ups throughout the day. It’s like a mini survival kit. But hey, at least you get to feel like a superhero carrying around that much weight.

9. Always have Something Bad to Say About Another Girl:

Although they know very well that it’s better to focus on the positive and lift each other up instead of tearing each other down, they may still say negative things about other girls. This could be because they feel jealous or insecure about themselves, and putting others down makes them feel better. Sometimes it’s just a way of bonding with their friends. They may not even realize how hurtful their words can be. It’s also possible that they grew up in an environment where gossiping and criticizing others is normalized, and they may not know how to break the habit.

10. Having so Many Pillows on their Couch and Bed:

Yeah, all those pillows and cushions everywhere actually serve a couple of purposes. First and foremost, girls love pillows because they add a cozy and inviting feel to any space. They’re perfect for snuggling up while watching a movie or reading a book. And sometimes when they feel emotional, they just need a soft place to cry. So don’t judge.


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